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Gleaner Custom Harvesters See the Return on Investment

Humid harvest conditions in Texas this year caused us to leave a large amount of straw behind our combines and we were not able to spread it evenly across the width of the header.  I bought a Super Spreader kit to try on my S78 and it spread much better than my two S97 combines so I decided to purchase two additional kits.  We also have two R62 Gleaner combines on our farm in Texas and they were leaving a large mat of straw behind the machine because they are not equipped with choppers.  I decided to put the two sets of Super Spreader paddles on them and they helped a lot considering I couldn't speed them up.  

Shorty Kulhanek - Colby, KS

Kansas No Till Farmer Requires Maximum Residue Spread

I demoed the Super Spreader on my R75 Gleaner with a 35' MacDon.  I put my stock spreader back on after the demonstration for 30 acres and it was night and day difference.  I called Super Spreader back and ordered a set right away.  I was actually able to use the demo unit again so I could spread my residue enough to no-till my soybeans into my wheat stubble. 

Denny Baerg - Inman, KS